So you gave up on your dream of playing guitar? You fell off the bandwagon? You became a quitter? It’s a sad story that’s heard all too often. In fact you’re not alone, 80 percent of people who start to play the guitar give up within 90 days. But through Quitters Anonymous™—and with help from Fretlight—a whole community of recovering quitters are givin’ up on givin’ up.

It’s not your fault you ended up here. You just didn’t have the right prescription. Luckily, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Fretlight guitars have the world’s only built-in LED learning system. And there’s no room for excuses, because it’s the fastest and most effective way to learn to play any song. It’s like an adrenaline-filled guitar riff injected right into the music vein.

So if our message struck a chord with you, and you’re ready to help yourself, then join the Quitters Anonymous™ support group and quit quitting today.