Here, recovering Quitters share their success stories, and explain how Fretlight guitars helped them quit quitting.

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  • Owning a Fretlight has been a great experience. I tried playing once when I was 12, but I didn’t catch on. I didn’t have the patience to memorize chords and scales, or to learn songs for that matter. A Fretlight is like having a map—it helps me understand where I am with options to go different routes. The best part is being able to learn something new quickly, then turning off the LEDs to test how much I’ve retained.

  • I'm a self taught guitarist, and frankly had a lot of trouble just learning scales and patterns on the neck by translating charts and sheet music to the actual fretboard. Fretlight guitars make improving your playing so much simpler and frankly more fun. Being able to lay out a scale on the frets and be able to play around with improvisation and phrasing without worrying about finding a note from a chart you're looking at makes a huge difference, and I can already see a noticable improvement in a few short days after trying a Fretlight because I was more focused on playing the instrument as opposed to playing a chart.

  • Playing my new FG507 and LOVING IT!!! Getting this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've been playing off and on for about twenty years, but never made it past strumming basic chords. I've always been frustrated because I couldn't seem to evolve beyond that. Finding guitar tabs on the internet has been somewhat helpful, but having to constantly look back and forth from the screen to the fretboard is both frustrating and confusing. 

I've had my Fretlight for two weeks and I've already learned to play "And I Love Her" by the Beatles and the intro to Hendrix's "Hey Joe." I've tried many times to learn "Hey Joe" using tabs, but I was never able to get it. With the Fretlight, I learned it in one night (the intro, that is). Being able to listen to the music, slow it down, and follow the lights on the fretboard made it INCREDIBLY EASY! Hint - for it to sound right you really need to get the timing down.

 I just want to say thanks to Rusty and all the Fretlight Team for such an amazing learning tool. Also, I want to give a shoutout to Greg and Jason in customer service. They've both been very helpful answering my questions. FRETLIGHT ROCKS!!!

  • Thanks for such a great product, I have saved hundreds of dollars on music lessons, not to mention the time and gas that I would have spent meeting with an instructor. I played the guitar a lot in my teens up to my college years, then put it away due to many other obligations. Now in my mid 50's, it time to bring back that second childhood. It's not as simple as riding a bike, the fingers are a little stiff and the memory isn't what it use to be, but I'm sure having a great time. I have told so many others about your product. I remember learning to play the keyboard in the 70's using the keys that light up. There were not a lot of songs available, but it was a great tool to learn chord progressions and left/right hand dexterity. The concept of adding this learning principal to a guitar was ingenious. I'm looking forward to new products and hope to see a lot more background tracks for blues and jazz and some good old rock n roll. Thanks again.

  • I've always admired people who could play the guitar, and I never thought of myself as being able to play as well. When I learned about the Fretlight guitars and heard from friends how the LED system worked, I had to try it for myself. I have the Fretlight Acoustic, and have to tell you that the guitar is beautiful, and the LED system makes learning and playing so much easier. I've been able to pretty quickly play some of my favorite songs. I never dreamed of being able to play an instrument, and now I can actually play the guitar!