Here, recovering Quitters share their success stories, and explain how Fretlight guitars helped them quit quitting.

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  • My initial goal was just to be able to play my favorite riff. With the Fretlight, I was there in a day. Not having to go back and forth between tab and the fretboard is a life-saver, you can just look at the lights!

  • I've picked up the guitar on and off, but have always been a piano player and haven't been able to translate that skill to guitar. I had no idea I could learn an instrument so quickly; so you can imagine my excitement once I started the Fretlight program and was playing my favorite Avett Brothers song in no time! Not only that, but I learned and memorized chords that helped solidify my progress. Awesome product.

  • Using my Fretlight guitar, I learned to play one of my favorite songs in just one night! It really helped to motivate me to keep playing and not give up. My husband has been playing for years and couldn't believe how easy I picked up the song using the Fretlight system!

  • Being a Pro Keyboard Player for over 30 years, I've always been a bit envious of the guitar player players. Tried a few times to learn but always got frustrated reading Tablature. Finally, a guitar method that makes sense, put the Tablature right on the fretboard. Plugged it and in one night was playing 'Day Tripper' 'Pretty Woman' & 'Wonderwall'. Next up, 'Stairway to Heaven' I can't imagine learning to play any other way. And if your a seasoned player, what better way to learn your songs? Now if I could only get my Piano to light up.

  • I'm a self taught guitarist, and frankly had a lot of trouble just learning scales and patterns on the neck by translating charts and sheet music to the actual fretboard. Fretlight guitars make improving your playing so much simpler and frankly more fun. Being able to lay out a scale on the frets and be able to play around with improvisation and phrasing without worrying about finding a note from a chart you're looking at makes a huge difference, and I can already see a noticable improvement in a few short days after trying a Fretlight because I was more focused on playing the instrument as opposed to playing a chart.