Best Remedy For Addicted Gamers!

Let’s compare the earlier generation and the present generation kids. Earlier we could see different types of games played by the kids. For example, hide and seek, cricket, basket ball. Football, carrom, chess, kabaddi, etc. There was a great list of different games played. Even today we can hear kids playing this all games but instead of coming outside and playing in real sense, they play in their laptops, computers, mobile phones,etc.

The usual complaint of parents are also the same. Earlier, parents used to face difficulty in bringing their kids from play ground to their house but now the scenario has changed. Now the parents compel their kids to go outside and play the game in real sense rather than on video games and mobile phones.

We also cannot blame fully on kids. Nowadays, there are very few open spaces available for them due to which they cannot play outside. It is also the mistake of parents behind the addiction of video games by children. They never told their child to go out and play and at the same time they provided them those equipments. At start they felt relaxed because your kid was
present in front of but now you are facing the consequences.

disadvantages of playing games on laptop

Disadvantages Of Playing Games In laptops And Personal Computers:

● Strainful for eyes

We all are aware that kids play the games continuously in devices which not only strains eyes but also your health. The lights emitted from the games are harmful rays which will direct harm the cornea and lens of the eyes. This results them short sightedness and ends up with glasses on eye at smaller age and in some cases even blindness.

● Negative impact on the physical body

We all are aware that the screens of the laptops, computers and mobile phones are small. Due to this, the rays are directly harmed to their eyes. As mentioned earlier, they do not go out and play due to which there is no physical exercise done in body. The major reason behind the healthy body of earlier age people are they never sat at home and played video games, instead they went out and explored themselves. This also helped them to refresh their mind and physical body. This thing is lacking in today’s youth due to which they gets ill and stressed soon.

● Battery life

Repeated play of games in those devices makes the battery life short. It is seen that while playing games on this services, the battery life shortens very quickly due to which they need to be charged. Frequent charging of the devices can damage them because continuous use of those devices makes the accessories heated due to which very soon it damages. At the same time, it also increases your utility bill.

● Not made only for gaming

Devices like computer, laptop, smart phones are not made only to play games. They offers facility of gaming doesn’t mean that it is the only thing it is made for. Due to the continuous use of gaming, the devices start functioning slow and at the same time you also cannot update. It either becomes hard to update or even impossible.

Remedy to play games – Best Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor is basically a computer monitor constructed and designed for the use of video gaming. Compared to games played in laptops, video games and mobile phones, it is recommended to play on a gaming monitor. While playing the game in laptops and mobile phones, the light emitted from the game damages the eye because the screens are not made for gaming facility. Gaming monitor is a large screen which has the ability to control the light and prevent eyes from harmful rays. It is seen that most of the people prefers LCD which offers vibrant and sharp images with large display size. There are different types of gaming monitors available but still it is recommended to have either a CRT or LCD.CRT which is also known as Cathode Ray Tube. It is an older display technology which features a deep and heavy monitor case. LCD( Liquid Crystal Display ) is the newer version of display technology which are very thin and light weighted monitors.

Now enjoy gaming with the help of gaming monitor buying guide and prevent yourself from harmful rays.

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